The Cheerleaders




Active Supervillain Team

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The United States


Post-Modern Age


Bambi, Buffy, and Bunny

History and OriginsEdit

It all started on a bet. Buffy and her two friends Bambi and Bunny had all witnessed a fight between a pair of badly dressed, gaudily costumed losers one day while they were cruising down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. They watched, amazed at how the hero beat the heck out of the villain using acrobatics and kung fu tricks. After the fight was over, they asked one of the cops dragging the villain away what the guy's powers were. Turns out the guy didn't have any powers... he was just a little strong and good with a sledgehammer.

Good with a sledgehammer? That was a super-power? The guy almost got away with a million dollars in jewelry, and all he had going for it was a funky, lame-ass tool.

It might have been Bunny (or Bambi... the question is an ongoing argument between the three girls; Buffy just doesn't care anymore) who pointed out that they were athletic, and were good at cheerleading, and quick-witted and funny and they definitely had a better fashion sense than those two losers they saw fighting. They could be heinous crimefighters!

Though, as Bambi pointed out, the villains were the ones who got to keep the loot.


Their goals are simple ones: steal what they want, live the high life, and have a bunch of fun while doing it.

Internal RelationsEdit

The relationship between these girls? BFFL! No fooling! Sure, they occasionally rag on each other and make jokes about the clothes they wear and the boys they date, but its like one of those "older sibling" things. You know... I get to rag on my little brother as much as I want, but if you do it, I'll hurt you! They've got that sort of relationship.

The Cheerleaders don't have a definite leader. Rather, they operate more like a disorganized democracy, where each girl offers her own input until a general consensus is reached.


The Cheerleaders are considered something of a joke among the supervillain community despite being pretty effective at their chosen vocation. They are known to be more likely to run away than fight, are generally considered weak and easy to beat when they do fight, and are often underestimated. As far as being thieves, they are actually quite effective planners, and they always stick to the plan once they settle on it. Of course, settling on it can take them hours. They are not as flighty as they seem.