The Sun
Kirtst Ohlenschlager


Energy Blaster



Place of Birth:

Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of Birth:

5 December 1977

Hair/Eye Color:



5' 8" / 172 lbs


Member of TAROT


Kirtst Ohlenschlager first met Delphine Lacam at the Sorbonne and she soon introduced the young Dane into the world of Tarot. Kirst's control over the electromagnetic spectrum had raised interest in the secretive organization and with the help of Lacam she was soon recruited for a short, but lucrative, assignment.

Kirst successfully infiltrated a military installation outside of Kiel in Germany on Lacam's orders. She was nineteen, impressionable, and keen to impress the beautiful French professor with her nascent metahuman abilities. Once in the installation, Lacam's real purpose became clear. The security forces confronted Ohlenschlager and she was forced to push her powers to their peak in order to avoid capture. She leveled most of the installation and walked away pulsing with light, right into the arms of Lacam, who whisked her away to Switzerland and then to New York City where she continued to develop her control over the magnetic spectrum.

Seven years later Kirst returned to Denmark and began her career as an art-fraud specialist. She still worked for Lacam and, indirectly, for Tarot and was beginning to accrue a formidable reputation in the organization. Her powers were developing at an impressive rate and there was talk about offering Kirst a greater role in Tarot.

It was the Emperor himself who approached Kirst to become The Sun. Delphine Lacam, who had always been Ohlenschlager's contact, had mysteriously disappeared. Kirsthas never questioned the Emperor on anything, and remains one of the most dedicated of the Major Arcana to the Tarot philosophy.

Kirst Ohlenschlager is an expert in European Art and is the Art Department Chair at the University of Copenhagen, being responsible for entrepreneurial decisions and the search for lucrative funding and sponsorship.

Personality and MotivationsEdit

Despite how she dresses when "on duty", Kirst is discrete and immaculate in everything she does. She laughs when appropriate, but is mostly reserved and flawless. She avoids forming relationships and is most at ease when alone in a gallery or far above the world.

As a member of Tarot's Major Arcana, The Sun embodies an unalterable loyalty which is rarely matched amongst her peers.


"The light always reveals the artist's divergence. Discover the source of that light, and you will isolate the genius within."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Sun has control over the electromagnetic spectrum, able to generate microwaves, light, x-rays and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. She can warp light around herself to become invisible and/ or generate intense force fields around himself. When exposed to sun light, Kirst's powers intensify making her near impervious to injury.


The Sun is an extremely beautiful woman who always appears impeccably dressed in designer labels. Her eyes are hard, however, and there is a sense of cold remoteness in her demeanor. She appears alone, even amongst crowds and never seeks out companions. As The Sun, she wears a very brief costume made of gold plate and similarly colored leather. It covers her enough for modesty's sake, but it otherwise very revealing.