The Rothlyn-Dalburt Test (named after its inventors, Doctors Paul Rothlyn and Evelyn Dalburt) is a genetic test developed to screen for the presence of the metagene in human DNA. The test can detect the presence of the gene with almost 100% certainty. However, it cannot distinguish between a carrier (that is, a person whose metagene is recessive and therefore inactive), a sleeper (a person with a dominant metagene, but whose powers have not "awakened" yet), or a superhuman (a person whose active metagene has provided them with superhuman powers).

Tests on apes and certain alien species has discovered that the Rothlyn-Dalburt Test can detect the presence of the metagene in sentient apes with the same degree of accuracy as in humans. In Tautiq, the test is nearly 68% effective, while in Pelkons the test is 74% effective, plus or minus 5%. The test did not respond to Delethai or Claranxi DNA at all. It has not been tested on any other alien species.