Levinson, Jacob
Jacob Aaron Levinson





Place of Birth:

Cleveland, Ohio

Date of Birth:

1 April 1977

Hair/Eye Color:



20" / 8 lbs




Jacob Aaron Levinson, the so-called "Bruise Baby", was born in Cleveland, Ohio to Aaron Levinson (a salesman in an appliance store) and Dinah Kershner Levinson (a homemaker). Jacob was born with an already-active Metagene. Unfortunately for the newborn, the "superpower" granted him by the Metagene was unusually fragile skin. Jacob's skin would bruise, chafe, and even bleed at the slightest pressure. The baby's own weight against his skin while lying in his crib was enough to cause instant bed sores. Holding and nurtiring the infant became impossible without causing him injury. Even the weight of a maternity blanket was enough to cause bruising.

Jacob Levinson suffered frighteningly horrible pressure sores from the day he was born until the day he died, some forty-three days later. He never left the hospital in which he was born. His parents later divorced.

The Bruise Baby remains the most frequently cited example of a Twist in scientific literature dealing with the manifestation of superhuman powers.

Personality and MotivationsEdit

Jacob Levinson didn't live long enough to develop an actual personality or motivations beyond the needs of basic survival (most of which he could not do without experiencing intense pain and injury).


As an infant, Jacob was incapable of speaking.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jacob's "power" was a loss of integral cell-wall strength in his skin. This meant that any pressure on his skin at all could cause bruising, chafing, and similar injuries. He could not be held without causing injury, and even his own weight did him harm while lying in his crib. It was, at one point, discovered that even greater-than-normal air currents could cause bruising on his body. Old bruises would fade over the course of days while new ones appeared.


Jacob Levinson was a normal-looking child at birth, other than the intense bruising caused by the physical trauma he suffered while exiting his mother's womb.