Certain destinations are inevitable.

The meaning of life is this: it ends, and that is what gives it value.

When in doubt, follow your fish.

The sunsets are bloody good. You've got to give Him that.

The liquid stuff in your eyes is called "vitreous humor".

All mazes meet in the center.

Being nice is just as easy as being creepy, and its a lot more fun, too.

Dreams have power, especially in Hell.

Not liking someone is a stupid reason for turning down a perfectly peachy-keen half-a-hot dog.

Eat your banana with care, and dispose of the peel correctly.

You cannot kill an idea... Just a point of view.

In the end, people will be more thankful for the mystery than the solution.

The price of getting what you want is not wanting it any longer.

It is a cruel thing to enslave one's fellow man.

All things have beginnings, and this is as good a place as any for that... And for all beginnings, there is an end.

When you fall in a dream, sometimes you wake up before you hit, and sometimes you don't wake up and die when you hit. But sometimes... just sometimes... you learn how to fly.

Gods are bloody useless as pavement artists.

Sometimes we stick around just to see how things turn out.

Things always seem better after a good breakfast.

Not knowing everything is the only thing that makes it okay sometimes.

Condemning a girl to hell for 10,000 years just because she dumped you is a really shitty thing to do.

Shakespeare was right.

The word for knowing that time is happening is "change".

Sometimes a really good friend is a "where" instead of a "who".

Don't drink the sludge at the bottom of your coffee cup. Don't drink the cup, either. Just drink the coffee.